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  Did you know we offer Open Gym for experienced athletes? Needing a short term place to train? Needing access to specialized equipment? Want to follow your own program in a smaller, private setting? We got you!! Check out the Updated Calendar - you can reserve our space and equipment by the hour, week, or month. (Summer break packages for student athletes available). Message or Call to setup your safety evaluation to get started! If Batman can take the Echo Bike for a Spin, so can You!    


Join the JBC Transform Challenge! If your New Year’s resolution was to get fit, you might as well get rewarded for your hard work, right? Time is money and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is when I say that over the next 6 weeks, you can and will achieve results you can see and feel by making realistic, manageable changes! Earn the Most Points to Win: 1 Grand Prize Winner receives $160 Value Prize Bundle!! Free 5 class punch card - $50 Value Free Personal Training Session at Jordan’s Barbell Club - $45 Value Free Entry into the Jordan’s Barbell Club AMLAP Challenge - $65 Value (AND MORE – To Be Announced) 1 Second Place Prize Winner receives $55 Value Prize Pack! Free Entry into the Circular Logic 5K $45 Value Free Class Pass $10 Value 2 Runners Up Receive Free Class Pass $10 Value Point Values: Before 25 Track the Benchmark Workout January 3 rd 25 Submit Before Pics (No, you don
  2022 Let's Get After It!!! With the new year just days away, the January get fit bug is sure to hit everyone next week! They'll file into the gym on Monday, some will knock the dust off the treadmill, and some of you might even want to really get after it for the long term, for real, for keeps! We all fall into the lulls, especially during the holidays (I blame cookies, all. the. cookies.). But what's clutch is when you decide that now's the time to take back your power, working towards your overarching health goals. Here's some good news! You don't need an total home/gym/personal makeover, you don't need a diet plan from the tic/toc, or insta, and you definitely don’t need to spend money on supplements or meal replacements. You just need to start somewhere, sometime. The best time was yesterday, now it's TODAY!  You already have the time right now to setup a free consult! There is a realistic, manageable solution for you! Setup a Consult - LE