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Jordan's Barbell Club is a group of humans training to be better than they were yesterday. Some train in the mornings with our Core Group, some train remotely with the JBC app powered by Train Heroic, and some train 1:1 with me in person or remotely. We focus on making bigger impacts with a smaller group of people, smaller by design. Having very real relationships with our members is the "secret sauce" behind every success story! The one way for everybody approach to training doesn't work for everybody, every lifestyle, every time

We work together to design your path define and achieve your goals as you continue to evolve and your life changes. Your plan must be truly personal, based on your reality, your lifestyle, and your schedule to be the most achievable!  

What are your goals? Pretty sure we can help!

-Weight Loss                            -Increase Muscle Mass           -Power Lifting

- Increase Strength                  -Increase Endurance               -Olympic Lifting

-Survive Apocalypse                -Feel Better                             -Drop Bad Habits


JBC Remote Programming $50.00/monthly

5 Workouts and personal tracking delivered to your Jordan’s Barbell Club App- powered by Train Heroic. The JBC Remote Program enables individuals to train independently, affordably and conveniently anywhere with full or limited equipment.


JBC Remote Coaching $75.00/monthly

JBC Remote Programming with CF-L2 Trainer Access. Includes Open Gym access by appointment, online community access and regular progress checks.

Personal Coaching Session $45/60 min, $25/30 min

When group training isn’t your cup of tea, we offer personal coaching by appointment. This time is also great for concentrated focus on skills and technique or goal planning and assessments. We offer 30- and 60-minute sessions to offer the most flexibility and affordability!

Biometric Measurements $20 by appointment only

15 Min Bio Measure Session with tracker includes:
InBody(R)  Measurement - Results delivered to your InBody(R) App
6 Point Body Mass Measurement (inches)
4 Point Body Fat Caliper Measurement (millimeters)

Core Group Training $85 

(Currently Suspended - We are being COVID Responsible)

Join us for some early riser small group training! This is a Coach led group workout that is scalable to meet you where you are in your journey for beginner to advanced/elite athletes! Class roster is limited, so call for availability.

 Schedule - Monday - Friday 5:45-6:45am, most Saturday’s 8am-9am

Community Free Workouts Monthly at the Crossroads Community Fitness Park – Follow us on Facebook for event announcements and details!

Drop In $10

(Currently Suspended - We are being COVID Responsible)

Message or call us and drop into a group workout whenever we have an opening!

*All plans are month-to-month, we do not do long-term contracts. All we ask is to give us 30 days from your next billing date to cancel auto payment.

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