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New Year! New Me? Maybe...

Year-end always has me in a reflecting and planning state of mind. Grading the last 12 months performance against my personal goals, and how that performance will impact my next year’s plans.  1. Grading last 12 months is a LONG, too long period to have to grade - a LOT happens in a year!  For example, I was killin it the first half of the year, but then this summer my dad died, very unexpectedly, Mom moved in (with her two mini pups) and chaos ensued. Sure, I was surviving, but helping my mom glue pieces back together to create a new normal, my training and nutrition were the first thing out the window and off the rails! I lost weight -mostly muscle- became undertrained, underfed, and under motivated. Once life leveled out - I could finally process the stress and that led to, you guessed it -weight gained- mostly fat, still undertrained, overfed, and slowly returning to motivation and self-discipline.  Trainers are humans and subject to the demands, and stresses of normal life