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How to Turn Burnout into Turnout!

  Workout Burnout Is Real... How to Turn Burnout into Turnout! By Tara Johnson, CF-L2 and Personal Coach Training sucks. Like really sucks. If you’re one of those people that hop out of bed, super stoked to workout – stop reading. You are the outlier, count your lucky stars and run some laps or pump out some reps. If you’re like me, ideal life consists of sugary cereal, pizza, diet coke, couch surfing and craft beer joint hopping with my buddies. It’s a crime that you can’t do these things and still be able to wipe your own can, or reach it for that matter in no time flat. So, you eat clean and train dirty, and for some of us, it’s as routine as brushing your teeth (if it’s not, give me a call – helping you get there is kinda my thing). Occasional workout suckfests (a boring monotonous workout here, a frustrating lift session there) is one thing. Total workout burnout—the kind that triggers chronic exhaustion, lapses in workout scheduling, and technique inefficacy- aka “phoning y