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Oh the Holidays are upon us! Whatever will we do??? Stressy time of year eh? Yeah, we're all in the thick of it - shopping, attending gatherings. hosting gatherings, kids programs, family commitments, it's exhausting and far from feeling like the "reason for the season". Oh, and on top of that you're beating yourself up about the dozen cookies you ate last night, or just as bad, not giving a rip about the dozen cookies you ate last night.  It's a balance. You shouldn't beat yourself to death over over-eating and you shouldn't green light the behavior either. We all over indulge, but it should be the exception, not the rule.  So what is the rule? That's simple, but not necessarily easy.  The rule is: Eat clean; whole foods that fuel your daily living 90% of the time and save that 10% for enjoyment's sake.    Broken down, 9 out of 10 meals and snacks should be GOOD FOR YOU food. Greg Glassman said it best on the CrossFit website “eat meat and ve