Shifting Towards Balance from the Failure Cycle


“Habits will form whether you want them or not. Whatever you repeat, you reinforce.” - James Clear

CrossFit's new mission to become "The world's leading platform for health, happiness and performance."- Eric Roza CF CEO is refreshing and inspiring! This is a shift from “Forging Elite Fitness”, a mantra that only applied to a much smaller population. This elite culture painted a warped picture of mainstream reality. The beautifully muscled CrossFitters were in some ways just as unattainable as the pencil thin model on the cover of "Vogue" magazine. They omitted the reality that genetic makeup plays in each of us as a human creation, as well as the nutritional poop show that our general culture has pushed for the past 100ish years. We've formed some serious bad habits across our culture by choice and circumstance, and they won't be broken overnight!

While imagining our society and culture one day evolving from healthy to fit to freaky fit would be super, most of us have to crawl before we sprint. Moving from obese to healthy to fit is a realistic transformation. Moving from sedentary to incorporating physical training into your weekly schedule is another realistic transformation. Healthy, realistic milestones do more than crash coursing around a 30 day cleanse that leaves you leaping off the wagon by day 34 and starting that awful cycle again.

Pursue Health First – Where are you physically, mentally, emotionally today? That’s your current benchmark and moving forward towards a “Better Than Yesterday” is the right approach. Your coach can help you form realistic milestones with regular check in’s and reviews to help you stay on track.

Pursue Performance Next – After a period of learning techniques – whether in training, nutrition or rest and recovery – you can pursue the next level movements, fueling methods and mental strengthening. You have to master the basics before adding complexity and load to movement. The same goes for the other parts of your daily life!

Pursue Balance and Happiness in the Meantime – The road to wellness is VERY uneven, and so it’s paved with balancing stones throughout the journey. Perhaps you think that you’ll be happy with a six pack and 8% body fat, and maybe you will – but most are generally grumpy humans living a very constricted lifestyle. Finding your balance of joy in living while training towards your “Better That Yesterday” life is the key to making positive changes that stick!

Working with your Coach to define the plan, work the plan and refine the plan as you make progress will help you shape new, better habits to replace the habits that are kicking you in the pants today and keeping you from your best life. This is where we help! Coaching is so much more than hiring a rep-counter! Find out just how much with a free 30-minute consult. 

Balance: the Basic Principles of Design


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