Got that Sunshine on my Sunday Best...

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Some thoughts about this week...

  1. Are your workouts loaded? If so give them a look over. Any movement give you pause (other than just wishing it was calf raises instead)? Encyclopedia YouTube is full of movements and info. Shoot your coach a message so you're ready to rock when you're ready to start!
  2. ASK QUESTIONS - if something looks off about a workout, or you don't get it at first pass, you're probably not alone. Coaches hard to make sure they're thorough in explaining everything well, but we all can make the mistake of assuming you're a mind reader at some point. So please ask, it helps your programmer continually improve! It is a two-way relationship.
  3. Set a clock for 10 mins this week and focus on what your end game looks like regarding your health. Health is the only true wealth. Once you know that, you can start digging deeper, to road map your way there. Even better - tag me in to help structure your map!
  4. What's on your Plate??? What does the fridge and cabinets look like? Do you have veggies for every meal? Do you even know what you could be eating this week? Now is the best time to get your shit together and prepare for success this week. Even a little plan is better than no plan. Suggestion - pick a Pinterest clean meal, buy the goods and give it a run! Need some simplicity? Google "5 ingredient clean eating recipes.
  5. Need more guidance? I do that too. Schedule some time - 30 or 60 mins in person or virtually with me and let's get to work! 
Remember, the idea is building better habits in training and nutrition, one at a time, until your end result is a healthier, fitter body and mind. I'm here to help you achieve that end. Holla at your girl!


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