5 Hacks to Stay on Track While Training Solo

5 Hacks to Stay on Track While Training Solo

Training solo is simple. Clock in – do the reps – Clock out. Training Solo is NOT easy. Anyone can clock in – do the reps – clock out.  80% of success is just showing up”… but wait, there’s more!

JUST showing up and phoning in the reps will get you somewhere – no doubt!  It builds a habit but doesn’t yield the greatest return. There’s a reason people come to our group training sessions. It’s easier to push yourself when you can see others pushing themselves.

But you can push yourself when going solo with a few tweaks to your daily grind!

If you can get a training partner; do it! It is great to have someone in the trenches with you, someone to help keep you accountable, but for the times you don’t have one…here’s what to do:

Set a Weekly Goal!

Look at this week’s workouts and set the bar. Work with your coach to determine what goal you’re going after this week and get it in your head! If you crushed it – it was too easy. Make it a stretch to meet the goal, and a home run if you exceed it. Use your prior times/distances/weights to determine what will stretch you. Spend some time on this – it’s your performance!

Put your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Write a check to a charity, or political opponent or group that you LOATHE ENTIRELY, stamp it and have it ready to make then give it to someone you can trust – with your long term goal date on the back of the envelope (I recommend every 12-16 weeks). Give it to someone who won’t listen to your crybaby (cue the coach) excuses when it gets hard, or life gets in the way or any other reason you don’t want to push it or get off the couch. They are to drop that check in the mail if you don’t meet or exceed your goal. Even better, give yourself permission to pay yourself with the money if you achieve it – go ahead, Treat Yo Self!

Pick a Benchmark and Test Consistently

If you have a program, you can let this slide out to every 6 weeks, but if you’re going full solo – test every 3-4 weeks. This can be a lift, a run, another awful cardio tool, or metcon, but work it, then retest it consistently to see where you’re improving, or correct if you’re not. Testing will keep you competitive and give you good feedback.

Stick With The Program!

Get a program and stick it out. Most often, if you don’t have someone programming for you, or you’re not following a program, that’s the culprit behind your lack of results, second only to not showing up. If you feel like it’s not working – stick it out at least 12 weeks to make sure you’re pushing past a plateau and really giving the program a chance to make change. This will be mental training as well as physical. If you’re a person that needs to see quick results to keep focused, stop spinning your wheels and get a coach.

Get Your Mind Right!

Pick one thing that challenges your will power and train it. One thing that becomes a habit, will begat another, and another. Pick one thing to avoid, or one thing to add to your day and work it until it no longer challenges you – then move on to another.

Epic Big Hairy Audacious Goals are achieved by stringing smaller achievable goals together over time. Training Solo is simple, but not easy. Adding measures to keep your competitive side engaged with some rewards and penalties is a great way to keep you motivated and reaching your goals.

Now get to work!


Tara Johnson is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Owner and Head Janitor at Jordan's Barbell Club.

Need help? Schedule a free consult with me anytime at http://www.jordansbarbellclub.com/contact.html Helping you achieve your personal best is my passion! Whether it’s 1:1 Coaching, Remote Coaching, or referring you somewhere else, together we will find the most affordable, achievable way to help you reach your genetic potential!


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